Buy One Give One To a Healthcare Worker

Aug 05 , 2020

Buy One Give One To a Healthcare Worker

Here at Jayne we love to get creative on how we can help our women and how we can help our community. With such an overwhelming large amount of issues we are facing in the world today, it is hard to feel like we can do anything close enough to make a difference. But to keep HOPE , we MUST keep trying!

Since Covid-19, we created a promotion to help support our healthcare workers, who are working around the clock on the front lines. For every purchase made on the website, we matched in sleepwear donations to the healthcare workers. You bought an item, we donated an item. We had an amazing success doing this and were able to make special deliveries to some rock star nurses!

Our goal was to ensure these women could go home at the end of their long shifts, change into beautiful and cozy pajamas, get their much needed rest, and wake up inspired to continue being the amazing women that they are!

Thank you so much to everyone that has purchased during our giveback promo period. We couldn't have done it without you!

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